Taiwan Hirata's Main Products

Semiconductor-related Manufacturing Equipment

The system is built on our years of experience and knowledge
and is highly compatible with PC & PLC.

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FPD-related Manufacturing Equipment

Offering a wide range of sizes and dimensions, the equipment is not only easy and safe to use but is speedy and performs with high precision.

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Transport Equipment

Transport equipment is Hirata's flagship product and can be used in various manufacturing systems,
including the sorting/stocking, automated warehousing, and the traceability systems.

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01. Semiconductor-related Manufacturing Equipment

We manufacture and sell front-end process equipment, transfer equipment, and heat treatment equipment.
Our main product for the IC sealing and testing stage is the transfer equipment needed during the manufacturing process.

02. FPD-related Manufacturing Equipment

Regarding manufacturing FPD, we can offer assistance to our clients by designing a suitable plan for the layout of the facilities on site, including the coater system,
laminating system, and the equipment and system for cutting, loading, dividing, and transferring the glass display.

03. Transport Equipment

Transport Equipment is the origin of Hirata. It is one of the fundamental elements of all business fields that correspond to different types of product.